An exclusive yet value-conscious

Intimate 24 home community

Modern farmhouse:
contemporary not kitschy

For a home to have character and warmth doesn’t mean it has to be old fashioned or kitschy. We’ve developed our modern farmhouse style for the sophisticated home buyer. Rooted in agrarian tradition and applying a barn conversion space strategy, our modern farmhouse design is fully updated for today’s living. This includes expansive spaces, with both playful and practical possibilities, as well as extensive opportunities for indoor/outdoor interactions.

Home quality + community quality = commitment to detail

You shouldn’t have to choose between home quality and community quality. Unfortunately, many new developments make you do just that. At Heard Farm, we don’t believe in those kinds of tradeoffs. That’s why we we’ve developed a home and community concept that adds up to all around excellence. From orchards as public spaces to the option of private master bedroom backyards, our attention to detail applies to both the home and the neighborhood.

Freedom from monotony: Dialog between materials and colors

The tedium of today’s homebuilding is efficient for the developer but draining for anyone who’s really paying attention. At Heard Farm we break up all that monotony with a continuous dialog between materials and colors, both inside and out. The range of options including wood, metal, brick, and stucco accents in gray, white and tan colors make each home distinct. Plus four-sided architecture ensures that accents and treatments are carried out all the way around the house, not just in front.

Exceptional indoor outdoor flow

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