Points of Interest


Cross Ventilation

Windows and multi-slide doors on opposite sides of home to allow natural airflow cooling the home to minimize HVAC use and providing fresh air.

Natural Lighting

Clerestory (high) windows in the main living space allow for natural lighting without having to turn on lights in the home.

High Thermal Insulation Value

Spray foam insulation in the ceilings and walls to provide high thermal performance and minimize outside air infiltration. Also an available option for the garages.

High radiant insulation value

Metal roofs throughout are used to assist in reflecting the sun’s rays to minimize heat infiltration. Metal roof system also a much longer life than shingle or tile.

Tankless water heaters 

24-34% more energy-efficient than regular water heaters.


Two HVAC units in every home that concentrates performance on separate zones of the home to minimize energy to heat/cool the whole house equally as different areas of the home demand higher concentration of air pending sun exposure at different times of the day.

Fresh Air intake system

This system allows the home to take on fresh air so as not have “sick building syndrome” providing higher quality of air in the home.

Energy star home rating

See standards for home accommodation.

Electric Car plug-in

400 Amp Electric Panel is provided for each home to accommodate this expansion of multiple cars for the future.

Solar Panel Options

Roofs designed to accommodate more than enough solar to provide energy for entire home.

Energy Saving Lighting

Low Volt LED lighting throughout to minimize energy use.

Battery Storage and Demand management

Options to provide whole home off grid or peak shaving.

Pavers for Driveways and community sidewalks

This minimizes heat island in the community to minimize use of concrete. Do note that asphalt and oversized width of the roadway is a requirement of the city and was not desirable by the developer.

flood irrigation

Use of flood irrigation for common area landscape to minimize use of potable water./span>

Architecture and Landscape design

The use of high level design, materials and spaces encourages pride in the community to give longevity to multiple generations. This also gives an importance of the home to become part of the family and give a backdrop to memories.

High Quality Exterior Facades

The Materials used are easy to maintain or replace if necessary. Also gives an overall signature composition to the neighborhood for enjoyment to experience while walking the streets as well as giving individuality to each home.

Open Orchards

The landscaping producing fruit for the community encourages healthy living for all of its residents and surrounding neighbors. Also is a recognition to the historical relevance of this property and area.

Livable Front Porches

Encourages community interaction and and expanding livable space of the home to build positive relationships with neighbors.

Connection to outdoor activities

The neighborhood is strategically located near South Mountain Park for ease of access to exercise and enjoy the natural desert environment on a daily basis.

Use of View Decks

Expandable backyard outdoor space to encourage outdoor living and views of South Mountain and the Estrellas, neighboring agriculture, and community orchards to encourage mental and spiritual health.

Conscious Construction™

Gives the home longevity and minimizes maintenance. MAK construction has a long history of high end custom homes embodying Construction Construction™.